Details To Consider When Buying a Home...

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Details To Consider When Buying a Home...


There’s nothing worse than buying a new home and moving in only to find that major work needs to be done. You find yourself spending thousands of dollars on top of the price you just paid for your “new” home. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of purchasing and forget the small details. The list below will highlight some of the areas of a home that you’ll want to be sure to check out.

Kitchen:  Is there enough room for you to cook comfortably? What material are the cabinets, counters and floors? Are the appliances new? Turn on the stove. Open the refrigerator. Know what you are buying and what the upkeep/replacement costs would be.

Bathrooms:  Flush toilets and turn on faucets. How’s the water pressure? Is the water hot? Any signs of leaks or cracks in the toilet, tub, or sink? Look in the access panel behind the tub to make sure the pipes aren’t leaking. If the bathroom is on an upper level, check the ceiling below the bathroom for leaks.

Ceilings/Walls:  Check for signs of leaks or damage. Any cracks, stains, or drips? Wet spots? Peeling wallpaper? Check outside walls for cracks, mould, or rotting wood.
Doors/Locks: Open and close them all to ensure they work properly.

Electrical:  Flip all light switches on and off. Does the electrical wiring look old? Turn on the air conditioning and heater to see how they run.

Light & Noise: Does the sun shine brightly into the master bedroom at 6am? Do the neighbors like to play loud music at night? Is there noisy traffic? Viewing the home a few different times of day is a good idea to get a true feel for the surroundings.

Attic:  What does it look like? Rotting wood? Any cracks or holes?

Rain:  If possible, go by on a rainy day. Are the gutters leaking? Does the yard hold water? Any leaks in the roof?

Neighborhood:  Are there any bylaws? Is there a Homeowner’s Association? What are the rules? How much would taxes and insurance be? Will the area cause your car insurance to increase?

Internet/Cell Phone Service:   What are the options for internet service? Does your cell phone get good reception?